Natural lava rocks are extremely pourus which allows them to absorb our intriguiging blends of essential oils and naturally scent your space without the use of artificial fragrance.  Unscrew the cover and place the jar of lava rocks in an area you would like to subtly scent and thats it.  The essential oil blend will slowly evaporate and scent the air while creating an amazing conversation piece and adding to the decor.  Available in (3) amazing scent ways. 10oz amber glass jar

scented lava rocks

  • into the night - warm tones of amber resin and rosewood blend with french lavender just as the day blends seamlessly into the night.  Notes: light woods, amber resin, sweet tabacco and florals.


    vetiver botanica - a journey through lush greens with deep undertones of rich vetiver.  Notes: mossy, grass, fresh basil, smoke and dark vetiver


    white noise - a crash of deep woods, garden herbs and citrus settle in to create this sensory awakening scent.  Notes: freshly cut wood, campfire, rosemary and fresh grapefruit.